6 Sitzungen - Coaching mit innerwise "Dare" April-Juni 2019 über Skype mit einer Klientin in Kent/UK


My experience of illness had been so severe during the last 12 months my body was on the physical, emotional, and mental levels grinding to a halt. 

Stays in hospital and being given conventional treatments (which can have their place) were not healing me holistically however, as nothing was reaching to the core soul issues.


Dare guide and innerwise coach Andrea Vogrin-Smith and ‘Dare’ have massively changed the dynamic of the self healing process and I recommend trying this form of energy healing. After two months I am now fully working again and enjoying my work, being in balance emotionally feel calmer and able to sleep well, mentally clearer and much better able to think with clarity and be creative, (in some ways much better than I have able to for years), physically able to hike for 4 miles daily with ease now. 


Cutting through the maze of issues Andrea was highly attuned to the source energy, easily connecting with me when carrying out the sessions. She was impartial and neutral in opinion of my case yet knowledgable and with a depth of understanding of the layers to all issues that needed to be cleared to bring about true balance and harmony for me. 


During the sessions which worked very well over Skype the coach was clear and made every part of each session easy to take part in, enjoyable and the unravelling of past, present and potential future problems was a revelation to me. Cutting the chords and being in the moment has been life affirming and I would not hesitate to have this unique experience again. 


Humble thanks to Andrea and much gratitude.



DAC   June 12th 2019